“I still get confused when people ask me about home. Raised in Australia, Bangladesh, the States, and Zimbabwe, I have also lived in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Croatia. I am currently living in Laos…”


The journey to Laos began with writing letters to someone in Papua New Guinea (and that is such a great story that I wrote a memoir about it). Before that, however …

In Australia, I worked as a forensic psychologist with the state police, in a maximum-security men’s prison, and on a child death review team.

In Croatia, I worked with a development organization as a stress management trainer.

In Indiana, I earned a masters degree in International Peace Studies at Notre Dame University.

In Los Angeles, I directed the Headington Institute‘s training and education programs, providing psychological support services to humanitarian workers around the world.

In Laos, while my husband is hard at work for a humanitarian organization, I lie in a hammock by the Mekong River and drink mango smoothies.

(At least, that is what I sometimes fantasize about when I’m busy preventing my two little boys from drinking out of the dog’s water bowl, working as a consultant, writing my next book, or managing the Modern Love Long Distance website.)


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Books: Check out my latest, Love At The Speed Of Email – a book that fellow authors have praised as “a modern-day fairytale” and a “travel memoir with a deep soul”.

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Information on humanitarian work and psychology: Check out that collection of links to resources on stress, trauma and resilience.

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