Dear Dad, Love Dominic

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Dear Daddy,

How’s your week in Southern Laos going? I sure hope you come back well-rested because Mum says that Friday night we’re all yours. If the last two nights are anything to go by, that means either Alex or I are going to be awake and eager to party with you between 1am and 5am. Can’t wait!

Mama and I have been having all sorts of fun in the wee hours. Last night, for example, we had two trips to the kitchen for juice, two trips for medicine, and I made Mama say the word “no” 5489023 times. At 4am, when she thought I was finally asleep again, I wiggled over close to her and yelled, “Don’t close your eyes!” really loud in her face. I kept yelling this and poking her every time she blinked for the next five minutes. I thought she was going to Lose. It.

She didn’t, but it was deliciously close. I reckon if I hadn’t been running a fever and coughing like a pneumonia patient, there would have been fireworks. I wish you’d been there. Then I could have alternated between raging against the necessity of blinking and screaming, “No daddy, only mama! NO DADDY, ONLY MAMA!”

Oh well. Maybe this weekend, hey?

So what else is going on around here?

Alex says hi and sends a big slobbery baby kiss. Last night he walked all the way across the room to get at my dinner. I let him have it, except for what I fed to Zulu. Then Alex stuck his fingers down his throat so far he threw up everywhere, and Zulu was pretty happy about that, too. While Zulu was helping clean up after Alex, Alex pulled his tail. Mama said Alex is too little to know the rule about not pulling the dog’s tail. I know the rule, though. I would never pull Zulu’s tail. Except that one time. Last night. Oh, and the night before.

Speaking of rules, there are some new rules around here. Here they are, just so you know:

  1. No throwing toys at Zulu (except balloons)
  2. No spraying Zulu with the bidet near the toilet
  3. No letting Zulu lick food that you’re holding and then eating it yourself
  4. No whacking Zulu or Alex with the toy golf clubs
  5. No hiding in the fridge

Oh, and Mama told me to tell you that if you’re the one giving me medicine, you can’t take your eyes off me for even a single second. Last night I tried to drink Panadol straight out of the bottle. This probably won’t be an issue for you because, let’s face it, it’s all about NO DADDY ONLY MAMA most of the time at the moment, but passing along the message just in case.

I will admit, though, Daddy, that you’re hands-down the best train-track builder in the family. Mama can’t even make a proper bridge, must less figure out how to build a four-loop track with switch crossings. So tell you what, come 3am Saturday morning, how about you and me play trains? And I might even let you blink without throwing a tantrum about it. Deal?

Love you Daddy (not as much as Mama, but you’re definitely in the top five).

Can’t wait to see you tomorrow,


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