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Dominic here. Mama’s too busy to write to you all right now – she said something about Florence Nightingale duty, a lot of consulting work, and a whole bunch of fabulous new projects that she’ll unveil in time. My sympathies, folks. I know what it feels like to drop down on Mama’s priority list. Did you know she shunts me off on a babysitter for a couple of hours almost every afternoon now? She says she’s working but I see her up there on the deck sometimes with daddy after he gets home from the office. They’re drinking gin and tonics and talking.

Like I don’t deserve a G&T after a hard day of lashing Zulu with bamboo and relocating all the rocks from the lane into the garden and taste-testing everything I can get my hands on? Rude.


I’ve been a bit busy myself lately, experiencing lots of firsts. Just in the last week, for example, I’ve experienced my first fever, my first throat infection, my first episode of all-night vomiting, my first poo-disaster in my crib, and the first time I cried over something I saw on television.

It was a Baby Einstein video.

The turtle got trapped in a bubble that floated off the top of the screen. 


Anyway, no one took take any photos of the vomiting – not sure why – but here’s a look at some of the other firsts I’ve been having.


Tried to make my first offering to the monks
(it was a rock, they didn’t want it for some reason)


First bike ride …


This is how I felt about the bike
(it’s also how Mama feels every time Dad pedals me away)


First live elephant.


So THAT’S what Mama means when she reads that books that says “elephants are BIG” …


If you tell me what I did to deserve being handed to a stranger sitting on this beast,
I won’t do it again. I promise.


First haircut. Hated it.


Would rather have been perched on the elephant’s head.


First time Mama let me hold the hose. Power over water. It doesn’t get any better than that.
The hose is officially my new favorite toy.


First play date with puppies down the lane. Now Mama takes me down there every day.


I think she loves the puppies more than I do. She might even love them more than me. Dunno.


First cute close up of me.


Psych. I think it’s actually the 104389054th.

What firsts have you been getting up to lately?

Until next time, have a great week. And, remember …
dogs love it when you hit them with bamboo.

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  1. What a great read. I love Dominic’s updates and pics. So cute.

    • Thanks Jess – they’re fun ones to write.

  2. This piece was PRECIOUS!! And your son is absolutely adorable.

    As the mom of three grown sons {who live too far away in UTAH!!} I LOVED this! Enjoy it all, even the messes in the middle of the night. You blink a few times and before you realize it they are big.

    In case you would like to see my once little ones…

    THANKS and God bless you and your family.

    • You raised three boys as a single mother? HUGE respect. Awe. Thanks for visiting my blog. Best, lisa