Hideaway Island and the glass-bottom boat tour (A Year Of Awesome)

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We did tick a box on the “year of awesome” list in February. Just scrapping in under the wire, we hit the beaches on a sparkling February 27th and headed out to do the glass-bottom boat tour on Hideaway Island.

[And in case you’re wondering why it’s taken me so long to update the blog… In the last three weeks: I’ve launched the completely redesigned long distance relationship website with a new and hip look. Mike’s been away in New Zealand for most of the time and he took a nasty case of viral conjunctivitis with him. I’ve had cellulitis again–although thankfully a mild case this time. Alex got so sick last week we rang the ambulance service at 10:30 on Friday night about his fever and vomiting. And we’ve done a 5-day in-family staph-decolonization process which definitely does not make the list of awesome and fun things to do as a family.]

So, back to more awesome things in life… here’s a look at our Hideaway Adventure Day.

We stopped short of diving down to the underwater post office (yes, there is one). But after we bobbed around watching the fish for a while we went swimming, drank fresh lime juice, ate prawn and green papaya salad (oh, just writing that makes me ravenous!!), and watched the boys climb trees.

Pictures probably say more than text this time, so here’s a glimpse of Hideaway Island. We’ve got some more island fun planned over Easter weekend, so I’ll come back to report in soon.

Hideaway island

Hideaway Island, Vanuatu

Lisa and boys on boat Hideaway

On the boat out to the island

Hideaway up close

Almost there…

Mike smiling Hideaway

Let’s go, Daddy!

Beach baby Alex

“What are we looking for, again?”

Boys looking down glassbottom boat

The fish are coming…

Fish glass bottom boat

The world below…

Lisa and boys feeding fish

Just as much fun as feeding the fish at Nana and Papa’s

Snapper in water

Maybe even more fun–after all, Nana and Papa don’t have giant snapper in their fishpond

D watching fish

Did you SEE that?

Hideaway from the water

Cruising back to land

Leaving Hideaway Island

And leaving Hideaway after a full day of beach fun




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  1. You’ve packed a whole lot of living in three short weeks, Lisa. Welcome back … and I love your red-headed cherubs {I’ve got a few of my own here and there!}

    Easter blessings …

    • Thanks, Linda. And LOL, yes, the fact that we’ve had two red-headed children remains one of of the greatest glorious astonishments of my life.