Waterfalls, tails, and other baby adventures

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We spent the day at a waterfall yesterday. Between you and me I wanted to spend a nice relaxing Sunday sitting in front of the television and eating Thai biscuits filled with squishy strawberry sugar paste, but Mama informed me in no uncertain terms that I’m not going to get everything that I want in life exactly when I want it.

If that’s true, I’m devastated.

But then again, Mama tells me that dirt and snails are yucky and not to be eaten, so she’s clearly not infallible.

She also told me that the mandarin oranges were “all finished” tonight when I know for a fact we have 2 whole plastic bags full still in the fridge, so sometimes she lies.

Why would she lie about that? There were plenty still to go around, and I’d only eaten eight.

The waterfall turned out to be OK, I guess. Besides Mama and Daddy there were four other devoted fans on hand to ferry me around, dangle me over the edge in rushing water when Mama wasn’t looking, and generally adore me.

Auntie Megan’s always talking about how she wants to eat me up. I’d never taken her all that seriously before, but I will in the future.

Undoubtedly the best part of the day was the boat ride back. I was sitting with Daddy, who is such the better choice of porter on small boats. Mama always clutches me way too hard and mutters things about lifejackets. Look how tightly she’s hanging onto me here.

Daddy, on the other hand … Well, Daddy lets me do this. And Uncle Tad leans way out over the edge of the longboat to catch it on film.

So that was the big adventure of the weekend … that and Zulu’s tail.

Oh my word, have you noticed how dogs have tails? They’re long, and furry, and just beg to be yanked. Zulu wags his tail a lot of the time, but sometimes he gets tired and lies down. Then I like to help out by picking his tail up and wagging it for him. Zulu loves it when I do this. I know, cuz he always jumps up all excited-like whenever I sneak up on him from behind and makes loud happy-dog yips of great joy. Then he runs away from me, but I know that’s only because he wants to play and what’s a good play without a chase? I’m always happy to provide the chase.

Mama says that this is what I look like right before I grab Zulu’s tail.

This is what Mama looks like after I grab Zulu’s tail – when she uses her Very. Serious. Voice. to say “NO! How many times do I have to tell you? Do NOT touch Zulu’s tail. He doesn’t LIKE it.”

This is what I look like after I get scolded. Repentant and remorseful.

As if. This is what I really look like.

Till next time. Remember. Dogs love it when you pull their tales. No lie.


Baby D.

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  1. These pictures are adorable!

    • Thanks Corrie. We think he has his cute moments.