When my child is sick: Missing the promise and illusion of safety

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I’m blogging today on a new site I’ll be posting on once a month. aLifeOverseas is a space for honest reflection, conversation, and connection for missionaries and humanitarian workers living in foreign countries.  If you are living overseas currently, if you’re preparing to move internationally, or even if you are just interested in the world of missions and humanitarian aid workers, check out http://aLifeOverseas.com. And without further ado, my first post for aLifeOverseas.

On Friday my fifteen-month old baby, Dominic, started running a fever for the first time in his life. We live in Northern Laos. The hospital beds here are full of dengue fever patients at the moment, and fevers of any kind aren’t to be taken lightly.

I did what any worried mama living out of reach of good medical care does nowadays … I googled. And after 24 hours of fever and fussiness, my husband and I put Dominic in his stroller and set out for the doctor who runs an after-hours clinic out of her house down at the end of the little dirt lane we live on. …

Living outside the reach of carpeted, colorful pediatricians’ offices is possibly my least favorite aspect of our life in Laos. I miss ambulances with their purposeful sirens and English speaking paramedics. I miss emergency hotlines. I miss gleaming hospitals with their bright lights and shiny instruments and reliable X-ray machines. I look at my baby when he’s running a fever and I really miss the promise and illusion of safety that all provides. …

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