Love At The Speed Of Email

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         Chapter 1: Spinsters Abroad


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Virtual book tour appearances

I’m on tour this summer to promote the book. Virtually, anyway. (Isn’t the internet amazing!!). Let me know if you’d like me to visit your blog to do an interview or guest post. I’d love to! Here are a couple of the blogs I have been (and will be) visiting:

June 6          Amazturbation and Other Perils of Publishing (Chip MacGregor, MacGregor Literary)
June 11         L is for the way … E is for email {Author Susan Meissner}
June 14        Q&A about Love At The Speed Of Email {Author Nicole Baart}
June 20       Smart self-publishing with Lisa McKay {Alexis Grant, The Traveling Writer}
June 21       Writing in between: Too much of God, or not enough? (Novel Rocket)
June 24       One part adventure, one part love story {Author Carla Stewart}
July 4           Getting to know Lisa McKay … and Mike Wolfe (Relz Reviews)
July 20        A conversation about home, faith, love and purpose (Author Marianne Elliot)



Advance Praise for Love At The Speed Of Email

Love at the Speed of Email is part grand romance, part travel memoir and part essay on life’s most precious gifts. Lisa McKay is a phenomenal writer; clever and comedic, poignant and pitch-perfect. You will love this love story.”
-    Susan Meissner, award-winning author of The Shape of Mercy and A Sound Among the Trees

 “Love at the Speed of Email, Lisa McKay’s engrossing memoir about life and love and home, is a wild ride that spans the globe. At turns funny, contemplative, and romantic, Lisa’s story resonated on many different levels and kept me eagerly turning pages, hoping for a happily-ever-after ending to this modern day fairy tale. I can’t recommend this extraordinary book highly enough!”
-    Nicole Baart, best-selling author of Far From Here and After the Leaves Fall

“A travel memoir with a deep soul, Love at the Speed of Email takes us around the world but always brings us back to the heart of the matter: humanity’s longing for place, purpose, faith. Lisa McKay’s seamless storyteling helps us find ourselves in every corner of her globetrotting and even learn a little about love along the way. A true pleasure for the journeyer in all of us!”
-    Leeana Tankersley, author of Found Art: Discovering Beauty in Foreign Places

Love at the Speed of Email is a riveting memoir by a talented author and globe-trotter. I loved journeying with Lisa McKay as she sought the love of her life and a place to call home. I can’t recommend this beautiful and triumphant story enough!”
-    Gina Holmes, award-winning author of Crossing Oceans and Dry as Rain


Reviews from Readers

A few of the notes and reviews you’ve posted online or sent to me via email that have boosted my spirits or made me laugh.

“I am anxiously awaiting my copy from Amazon. Will it have a picture of Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig touting “Soon to be a major motion picture!” … ?” (Kevin Davis)

“If your love story has spanned several countries, times zones and emails, you’ll love this story! If not, you’ll love this story!” (Ryan Young)

“WOOOOOWWWW!! I just finished reading the first chapter and I’m hooked! Just ordered it from Amazon.” (Tammy Scrivener)

“If Lisa McKay’s blog is anything to go by this is due to be a best seller!” (Natalie Spencer)

“It’s a good book. While I read it I realized why I wrote things back when I wrote them. I did it to remember properly. I don’t mean “remember correctly or accurately”. I mean properly, beautifully, truthfully. You were right to call your book a memoir … It remembers properly. PS I thought the Ryan character was pretty cool through the whole thing, but a little lacking in stage time don’t you think? He should write his own damn book!” (Ryan Schmidt, who features prominently in the chapter Chasing Silver Dollars)

“Part memoir, part meditation on the meaning of home, purpose and passion, Lisa McKay’s second book gripped me from the first page. Even in the age of email, social networking, SMS, and skype it does seem improbable that an Australian in Los Angeles and an American in Papua New Guinea could somehow find their way to each other and a life together. But they do. If you want to know how, pick up this engrossing book immediately. You’ll get a funny and poignant love story but along the way your spirit will also be touched to reflect on profound questions that matter and make life richer.” (Lynne Cripe, on amazon reviews)

“Oh, dear. I had to stop reading. I felt like I was prying into your life. It felt like I was reading your journal.” (My grandmother)



A portion of my profits on this book will be going to support two charities in Laos: Pencils of Promise and the Luang Prabang Boat Library. Pencils of Promise builds schools and trains teachers. The Library Boat carries books up and down the Mekong to villages that can only be accessed by boat.