Finding a job in humanitarian and development work

Looking for a job in aid and development work? Have a look at the following:

My story

Near the bottom of this page–where I explain how I got into this line of work–I offer some advice for students and professionals looking to get into staff support work with humanitarian organizations.

Read this 5-part series on becoming an aid worker

Read MoreAltitude’s 5-part series on becoming an aid worker. Find Part 1 here.

Check out these articles and handbooks:

Take a look at these job-search forums

  • ReliefWeb: The UN humanitarian hub, is one of the most-used sites for jobs in humanitarian relief with international agencies and NGOs.
  • AlertNet: Has a good jobs section.
  • InterAction: Is an alliance of US-based international development and humanitarian NGOs.  There is a jobs link on their home page.
  • UNjobs: Lists jobs in UN agencies and other international organizations.
  • The University of Sussex has a long list of websites relevant to jobs in international development.
  • DevJobs : An Internet service that provides international job announcements in various development fields.